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Sometimes you don’t really feel like reading an entire blog post–you just want to be entertained. Mini Bear and I get it. Here you’ll find all of our videos to date, with the most recent up top. Subscribe to us on YouTube under Minibeartravels.




Fun & games at El Chorro, Spain (March 2014, 2:02)

Rock climbing, a graceful sport where climbers commune with nature–except here we mostly muck around! This is the less intense, lighter side of climbing!


Dog Show! (February 2013, 1:09)

Just when you had given up hope that Bollywood and the Westminster Kennel Club would ever join forces!


Down Under (January 2013, 1:03)

A look at two weeks spent in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Bondi beach.


New Year’s Eve (January 2013, 1:05)

Ringing in 2013 from a boat in Sydney Harbour.


Sydney by Seaplane (January 2013, 1:09)

Flying by seaplane over Sydney Harbour and along the coast to reach the northern beaches.


Rwandan Roadtrip (October 2012, 1:15)

The title says it all!


Amahoro (October 2012, 1:35)

Watching mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. They are incredible animals, no doubt about it.


Hybrid Monkey Love (October 2012, 1:02)

The true story of a hybrid monkey, cast out by its parents, finding happiness in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest National Park.


Tanzania (October 2012, 5:05)

Highlights from my month traveling across Tanzania.


Mt. Kilimanjaro (September 2012, 1:00)

Eight days of hiking the Lemosho route boiled down into a one minute trailer.


London 2012 (August 2012, 1:35)

The London 2012 Olympics in 90 seconds!


Beware the statues (July 2012, 1:04)

It was just supposed to be a vacation…but something happened in Estonia…


Jammie Dodgers taste test (July 2012, 1:31)

I love a good cookie. Jammie Dodgers are not good cookies!


Trying Scottish cuisine (July 2012, 3:55)

Trying to connect with our Scottish heritage, my cousin and I sample some typically Scottish foods. Spoiler alert: they’re all awful!


Highland Walking Shoes (July 2012, 0:34)

My cousin explains how she’s dressed for walking in northern Scotland…in her fake Scottish accent.


The Ah Jings Tour (July 2012, 1:04)

I never thought I’d make a trailer for a family vacation!


Wrestling…Cholitas Style (March 2012, 1:00)

Think you’re tough? Try wrestling with these Bolivians!


Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia (March 2012, 1:29)

By far one of the most beautiful and breath taking places on the planet.


Tales from the Galapagos (March 2012, 1:04)

Phenomenal wildlife in the Galapagos!


Ecuador (February 2012, 3:54)

Check out Quito, the equator, Mt. Cotopaxi, and the Otovalo animal market.


Carnaval (February 2012, 3:12)

Watching the famous Carnaval parade in Baranquilla, Colombia.


Colombia (February 2012, 7:55)

Some of the sights and sounds of beautiful Colombia.


Penguin Highway (December 2011, 1:24)

I still think about Antarctica every day. I hope I never stop!


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