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Mini Bear is a little stuffed animal that was knit by a close friend to keep me company as I left behind my life in New York City to travel full time. You can generally find at least one photo with Mini Bear in every post (less often when I’m at a race–the peloton just moves too fast for her!). I’m working towards my goal of visiting every country in the world and have hit over 80 countries so far. Since July, 2011 Mini Bear and I have visited every continent and have loved every minute!

As for me, I’m Kathryn: a teacher, a Canadian, a cycling fan, a knitter, an aspiring Spanish speaker, an amateur falafel connoisseur, and world traveler, among other things. My love of professional cycling hijacked much of 2013, taking me across Europe (and once briefly back to Canada) to watch some of the sport’s biggest races. I still haven’t had my fill of the peloton so much the last 2 years has been spent running around Europe (and Canada and Australasia!) to watch more cycling. In between races, you can expect posts about the places and people I visit.

These days I’m based in Girona, Catalunya, Spain while training for triathlons.

Join me as I explore the world, meet new people, negotiate languages and public transportation systems, follow pro cycling races, and have the occasional misadventure!

You can also find me on pinterest under minibeartravels, watch our YouTube channel under Minibeartravels, and follow us on twitter under the handles @MiniBearTravels (mostly tweets about travels and pro cycling) and @GoKathrynGo (tweets about fitness and training).

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Looking forward to sharing our travels with you,

Kathryn & Mini Bear
September 2015

20 Responses to About

  1. Kathy #2 Kelly

    Kathryn, Just wanted to tell you that I love your BLOG. Your Aunt Kath #1 sent it to me so I could see the adventures in Scotland. I laughed so hard at you and Carolyn tasting the food. Your Dad is right, Carolyn’s accent is so funny. Too bad she continues to sound like Mrs Doubtfire.LOL! You have had some amazing travel and I am in awe of what you have done and where you have been. Truly amazing! Thank you for allowing me to view such a journey. Hopefully some day we will meet in the tranquil setting of Napanee. I am looking forward to enjoying your next adventure. Kath #2

  2. Mark

    Looking forward to next TdeF instalment….! Hope the car didn’t bring you too far out of town! 😉

    • Kathryn

      We could have driven to Poland and I wouldn’t have minded 🙂

  3. Tusseau

    Hello good i like your blog see you next tour

    • Kathryn

      Can’t wait for 2014!

      • m

        Hi Kathryn, it was so nice to meet you in Valls for the 13th stage of the Vuelta a Espana. I loved your esprit de corps and your courage and desire for seeing the world. I’ll send photos of the stage. Thanks for showing me the best place to stand for the sign-in process. You are one “awesome biker chick” with incredible cycling knowledge. Safe travels and enoy the rest of your journey.

        • Kathryn

          It was great to meet you! Can’t wait to see your photos. It’s always great to have a new cycling buddy to share the experience with. Glad you’re hooked now, I’ll see you at the Tour next summer!

  4. Jim

    Glad to meet you in Alberta and that you got to ride in our team car.
    Did your friend give you any of the swag I passed out?
    Jim (the coach driver)

    • Kathryn

      Hi Jim! I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you. Yup, Andrea passed on a musette and all the other goodies–thanks! Hope your drive home was quick and uneventful!

  5. Yukari TSUSHIMA

    Hello, Kathryn. I am Yukari, japanese fan in Spain. How is your traveling in la Vuelta a España?
    I wii go to the Valencia stage in 31 of August. I am looking foward to seeing you again there!!

  6. Yukari TSUSHIMA

    Kathryn, I am Yukari. La vuelta a España finished!!! The work of the ASTANA the 20th stage was so fantastic!!

    • Kathryn

      Fantastic! So glad you were there. Yesterday was a big stage, I’m sorry Dumoulin missed the podium but the way he and his teammates rode was inspiring! Ojala que dijiste “hola” a nuestra amigos en la policia 😜

      • Yukari TSUSHIMA

        Sí, yo he saludado a nuestros amigos en la policia. Además, a los chicos de control de firma, tambíen. The suprising thing to me was, one of the boys who worked at Control de Firma lives in my neighbor .

  7. Darren Jones

    Happy New year Kathryn! Hope 2016 is another amazing year for you. Keep up the great stories and photos from the world of cycling! Hope to see you in Adelaide, Darren

    • Kathryn

      You, too! If I start saving my pennies now, maybe I can get back to Adelaide for next January!

  8. parsonsmichaeld

    Get to find your blog. Spain is still on my to do cycling and museum list.

    • Kathryn

      So much to do in Spain, you’ll love it! The riding in Catalunya is fantastic 🙂

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